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School Of Respect Collection

Our School of Respect Collection is a small glimpse into a few of our cultural core values. Tautua, Fa'aaloalo, and Tulou are brought to you on crewneck and hoodie sweaters. 

Tautua is to Serve. There is a Samoan Proverb that goes, "O le ala I le pule o le tautua." translated to, The path to leadership is through service. Displaying love, humility and respect through our service to God, our families and our communities. 

Fa'aaloalo-Respect. One of our cultural core values that sets the foundation to order and discipline within our families, within our communities. The wisdom and guidance of our parents, caregivers, families and  especially elders, are held with high regard. Fa'aaloalo is shown in our walk and talk towards them, ourselves and outside of the home. It is instilled in us a very young age and passed on from generation to generation. 

Tulou- One of the first forms of respect a Samoan child is taught - “Tulou.” Commonly said with a slight bowing gesture, excusing yourself when passing in front of elders no matter what culture they come from. In general, whether in action or communication, it's the excusing of yourself and what may come off as displeasing from another end. The full proper aphorism is - “Tulou Lava”