30% Off Spring Sale on Toloa Collection Jackets 4/5-4/7

Spring Sale Toloa Jackets by Tapa the Line

The Toloa collection is inspired by home, peace & blessings.

Home. There’s a saying in Samoan “e lele le toloa ae ma’au lava i le vai” which translates to “one will leave home,but will always return to the water.” Wherever/whatever that may be for you. Regardless of what road one decides to take in life, despite the years of separation, like the Toloa, we can find our way back.

Peace. When we are filled with worry, Mataio 6:26 tells us to look at the birds. They fly freely without tomorrows' worries. God provides for them and what more value do they have over us. Toloa is a reminder that even when we depart our peace of mind, we can return to it.

Blessings. Our Toloa/bird is designed with a fish as its head. Manu felelei means bird. I’a means fish. We imagine fishermen back in the day in passing. One returning to shore and the other heading out, giving a tip for a catch, “where there are birds, there are fish!” A bidding wish for good, Manuia! Blessings!